Best Linode Alternatives Reviewed 2024

Regardless of the fact why are you finding Linode alternatives, we did our utmost to craft this list by reviewing all providers thoroughly.

Linode is a popular cloud server that is known for unparalleled performance, fast servers, user-friendliness, and dedicated support. It is an equally feasible option for developers, laymen, businessmen, entrepreneurs, and big enterprises because it caters to the needs of all kinds of professions and peoples.

However, Linode is certainly not the only reliable cloud provider in the market. There are several experienced and high-end cloud hosting providers that deliver fast and high availability servers.

If you are looking for alternatives to Linode then you are in the right place. Because here I will introduce you to the best cloud alternatives for Linode. It is necessary to analyze the Linode competitors of a hosting company before investing in it since there is always a chance that you might find a more suitable host.

Some people also overview alternatives when they are about to move their site from its old servers. Whatever the reason behind overviewing Linode’s similar services, you’ll not be disappointed with this list.

All of the below-mentioned cloud companies offer features and services very similar to Linode, and some perform even better than Linode. Hence Hopefully this list will help in finding a suitable Linode alternative.

Top Alternatives to Linode Cloud

Kamatera – Overall Best Choice

Vultr – Affordable Choice

CloudSigma – Also Good for Cheap Servers

InMotionHosting Cloud VPS – Best Choice for 24/7 Customer Support

A2Hosting – Top Choice for 20x Faster Cloud Servers

20 Best Linode Alternatives and Competitors 2024

Let’s reviews all these alternatives to Linode in detail.

1. Kamatera

Kamatera is a great alternative for Linode and it has been around for a long time. Kamatera is very famous among new online start-ups, International enterprises, web developers, designers, and E-commerce companies. Kamatera was established in 1996 by its parent company OMC Computers and it has been providing great service since then.

Kamatera introduced its first VPS service in 2002 which makes it one of the pioneers of not only cloud hosting but also the VPS service industry. It operates 13 high-end data centers all around the world i.e. Texas, New York, California, Amsterdam, Israel, London, and Hong Kong.

Kamatera provides very impressive service and it is known for upgrading its hardware and communication infrastructure regularly to keep up with the newest technology. Moreover, Kamatera guarantees 99.9% uptime on all servers which makes it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs. It also offers services like Cloud Servers, Cloud Block Storage, regular backups, Private Cloud Network, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Firewall, Fully Managed Cloud and more.

Also, Kamatera cloud servers feature Add-on domains, SMTP, POP3, IMAP services, MySQL or MS SQL databases, DNS Management, Anti-spam protection, and Public IPs. Furthermore, the cPanel of Kamatera allows the user to import files by using FTP, configure web servers, create and restore backups, deploy SSL certificates, enable and disable domains, manage account users, and many more.

It also supports a wide variety of operating systems like Ubuntu, CentOS, Linux distro, Windows, BSD, etc so users can deploy and work with the OS of their choice. Kamatera also supports some business solutions which are One Portal to Control all Servers, SaaS Provider Infrastructure, Web and App Developers, Application Hosting, Mobile Application Solutions, Start-Up Solutions, Worldwide Infrastructure, Diagonal Scaling, and E-commerce tools.

Furthermore, it keeps the data of its client safe by offering advanced firewall and DDoS protection. Plus Kamatera equips its users with professional technical support which is available 24/7 hours around the clock. The users can contact support through email, phone calls, and live chat.

Kamatera is very cost-effective as you can get 1GB memory support, 1 free IP support, 667MHz, 20GB hard disk, 600Gbit bandwidth using SSD drives, and 99.9% uptime with many other resources in just $4 a month or you can also register for hourly billing which Kamatera has recently introduced.

Kamatera is a perfect alternative to Linode as many find it to be much faster, reliable, and cheaper than Linode. Linode charges $5 for 1000GB of Data transfer whereas Kamatera charges $4 for 5000GB of data transfer so it is much cheaper than Linode. Kamatera also features a wide variety of services and advanced solutions whose prices range from $4 to $99 with which Linode cannot keep up. Hence Kamatera is not only a good alternative for Linode but it might also prove to be better.

2. Vultr – Cheapest Linode Alternative

Vultr is one of the best alternatives for Linode when it comes to the cheapest cloud servers. With 20 years of experience, Vultr is the go-to choice for professional developers. It aims to simplify the cloud structure and functioning through its advanced cloud solutions. Vultr manages more than 30 Million instances deployed by 200k+ customers worldwide. This company has about 17 data centers that are strategically placed all around the world to ensure that its clients receive frictionless services and cloud access.

Its servers are backed by 100% SSD and latest generation CPUs so they always load at blazing fast. Plus, Vultr also equips its clients with premium cloud services i.e. cloud compute instances, bare metal, block storage, and complete dedicated clouds. All of these services contribute to the speed and stability of the servers. It also features a Load Balancer that is responsible to maintain the availability of the servers at optimum conditions. It is best for websites with heavy traffic and tons of data.

Vultr also equips its customers with an easy to use control panel. The control panel is designed to provide access to often used options readily like Quick view Server Health and Easy Snapshots etc. With this control panel, the users will be able to review the health instantly and deploy anything they need with just one click. It is designed to enhance management so that developers and businessmen spend less time on managing the infrastructure and more on their business.

Moreover, Vultr guarantees 100% Uptime which is again very impressive. Also, it supports a wide variety of operating systems i.e. Windows, Linux, and BSD. Since most of Vultr’s users are developers; it is committed to providing developers with a powerful cloud environment and up-to-date solutions.

Furthermore, the customer support of Vultr is available 24/7/356 days a year to provide technical support. They can be contacted through email ticketing or social media. However, there is no live chat or call option but Vultr boasts that its support representatives answer 25k+ support answers per month. It provides value for money services and charges on an hourly basis. It has a total of eight plans to cater to the needs of all its users.

All in all, Vultr is a worth trying Linode alternative, people even find it better based on their individual needs. Linode has its own charm but Vultr is the go-to choice for developers. Plus, the simplicity of its structure, advanced features, and budget-friendly packages make Vultr very appealing to some people.

3. CloudSigma – Best Cheap Alternative to Linode

CloudSigma was founded in 2009 by Robert Jenkins and Patrick Baillie to meet the needs of cloud hosting at affordable rates. With over 11 years of experience under its belt, CloudSigma has received recognition from various critics and platforms for its unwavering commitment to providing quality service at a budget. Plus it is considered the pioneer of the Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) industry. It has 15 data centers that are systematically scattered across different continents to deliver high-end cloud performance to all of its users.

It ensures 100% Uptime to all of its clients which makes it a very feasible option for E-commerce business. CloudSigma also guarantees its user 50X times free credit for any downtime of over 15 minutes which is very bold. The servers of Cloud Sigma are powered by the latest hardware of HPE and run on 10 GigE infrastructures which enables its users to avoid downtime issues even on big data runs. It even claims that at max the latency will be 1ms for its servers.

Moreover, Cloud Sigma equips its users with elegant API, classy infrastructure, easy migration options, instant deployment of servers, API automation, magnetic storage, hybrid cloud hosting, SSD storage, KVM virtualization, 10 GigE Networking, and even free resources, etc. Also, the security measures taken by it to protect the privacy of its customers are also top-notch. It is ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 certified which means it meets almost all international standards of data privacy and security.

Its servers can be deployed within 30 seconds. Plus several applications and cloud integrations can be installed instantly within the servers. Furthermore, the customer support of Could Sigma is very competent and can be contacted through live chat and email ticketing. The customer support representatives of this hosting company are known to get back to clients immediately.

The cheapest hosting plan of Cloud Sigma just costs $14. It also gives its clients the option to pay for only the resources they utilize. Clients can choose to buy plans or pay for what they use. Also, as said earlier Cloud Sigma also offers tons of free resources. It has a 7-day free trial policy and provides instant access to a demo for 60 minutes. Moreover, every user that spends $10 or more per month receives 5TB of outbound data, 1 GB of RAM, and 50 GB SSD as a complimentary gift.

One thing to consider here is that Linode’s entry-level plan is available for $5 whereas Cloud Sigma’s entry-level plan costs $14. So Linode is cheaper as compared to Cloud Sigma. But the security and customer support of Cloud Sigma is impeccable hence again if security, speedy servers, and quality support is your priority; you can go for Cloud Sigma instead of Linode.

4. InMotionHosting

It has been around since 2001 and today it is known for providing high-performance VPS servers to its users all over the world. With 15 years of experience, it has more than 300,000 satisfied clients. InMotion Hosting offers diverse features and services that attract layman, developers, and enterprises alike.

They aim to provide reliable and fast Linux hosting at affordable rates. Over the years InMotion Hosting has also received recognition from critics and industry experts in the forms of reviews and awards. It has two enterprise-grade data centers that are located at Virginia Beach and Los Angeles.

It equips its customers with dedicated servers, website tools, SSD storage, custom firewall, low-latency infrastructure, free domain, PHP7 backed servers, easy to use control panel, free website migration, DDoS protection, and 90-day money-back guarantee. InMotion Hosting also offers reliable tools for beginners that help them in setting up the site within minutes. Tools like the one-click application installer along with drag and drop website builder help beginners in building their dream site without any hassle.

Furthermore, it also facilitates its customers with an especially designed control panel. It is very convenient for beginners and empowers users to managed server health, DNS, and billing. It also allows users to take full server snapshots. InMotion Hosting also equips its developers with the newest version of software and applications. This cloud provider takes special steps to cater to the needs of developers hence InMotion Hosting is a perfect cloud provider for both laymen and professionals.

Also, InMotion Hosting offers 99.999% Uptime on VPS Cloud and delivers fast performing servers to its clients. The dedicated resources and up to date hardware that backs its servers enhance the overall performance of infrastructure. Plus, it gives full root access to its users that allows them to take full control of their resources and servers. InMotion Hosting also supports multiple OS i.e. Ubuntu, Linux OS, CentOS, and Debian. Even the security of this hosting is impressively good. The custom firewall, DDoS, and SSL protection keep the VPS cloud of its users safe.

InMotion Hosting also provides around the clock live chat customer support to answer the queries of its users. A knowledge base is also present on its site to assist those who are new to cloud hosting. And last but not least, the unmanaged VPS package of InMotion Hosting costs $5.

All in all InMotion Hosting is indeed a great Linode alternative, even the hosting plans of both these hosting costs the same. You can go for InMotion Hosting if you are looking for a Linode replacement.

5. A2Hosting

A2 Hosting was established in 2001 under the name “Iniquinet” by Bryan Muthig to cater to the needs of cloud servers. Later it changed its name to A2 Hosting and expanded rapidly in 2003. It is always striving to improve its hardware and software technology to provide the best performance to its users; it was actually the first hosting provider to introduce PHP5 to assist developers. Due to its tireless commitment and determination to provide flexible hosting services, it has received critical acclaims and awards. It has data centers in Singapore, the US, and the Netherlands.

It provides its users with SSD storage, dedicated hosting, free SSL, WordPress Speed Optimization tools, unlimited bandwidth, enhanced management, free account migration, automatic backups, and impeccable security. Plus A2 Hosting claims that its PHP7 backed servers maintain 99.9% Uptime which makes it an optimum choice for all kinds of online business websites.

Moreover, it claims to be the fastest cloud service provider which makes it an ideal choice for achieving SEO optimization and high conversion rates. A2 Hosting actually claims that its servers are 20X times faster than the average cloud server. The servers of A2 Hosting are backed by SSD storage and PHP7 which helps them in delivering stable and speedy performance.

A2 Hosting gives full administrative level root access to its users along with shutdown and reboot control which are helpful for developers. Plus it is also taking steps to make the process of deploying and running servers easier. A2 Hosting now allows the users to deploy and install WordPress from its latest dashboard with a single click and migrate their existing site easily.

It is also compatible with almost all OS and users can choose to work with any OS they please. Furthermore, A2 Hosting offers free technical “Guru Crew Support” which can be contacted 24/7 through live chat, phone call, and email. The customer staff of A2 Hosting is trained to answer even the most technical questions.

A2 Hosting is also one of the cheaper cloud hostings. Its shared hosting entry-level plan can be bought for $4.99/month. It also gives a money-back policy so users can ask for a refund no matter which package you buy.

The entry-level plan of Linode costs $5/month hence the plans of A2 Hosting are more reasonably priced. The services they offer are also similar but A2 Hosting has a better client satisfaction rate and reputation as compared to Linode.

6. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is another great Linode alternative offering very similar services just like the competition. It is a cloud-hosting company that provides VPS servers, dedicated servers, and many more. It was founded in 2011 and it has been providing high-quality performance since then.

DigitalOcean has 14 data centers all around the world and it is headquartered in the city that never sleeps, New York. Currently, the company employs about 500 people and has over 4 million users around the world. It has become the world’s one of the leading hosting companies because of its robust servers, reliable infrastructure, user-friendliness, and affordable prices.

They offer a wide variety of features and resources that include floating IP addresses, shared private networking, Tier-1 bandwidth, team accounts, and SSD. Actually, it was one of the first cloud server providers to feature SSD (Solid State Drive). It also guarantees 99.9% uptime and offers an around-the-clock server monitoring service.

Moreover, it features Droplets Kubernetes, Managed Databases, load Balancers, Block Storage, Tools & Integrations, and API. It also provides solutions for Web & Mobile Apps, Website Hosting, Game Development, Streaming, VPN, Start-ups, SaaS Solutions, Agency & Web Development Shop, Managed Cloud, Hosting, Big Data and Business Solutions. The variety of advanced solutions offered by Digital Ocean set it apart from all other hosting providers.

DigitalOcean supports Linux, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and free BDS. However, it does not support Microsoft Windows for some unknown reasons. DigitalOcean also cares about the client’s Data and never compromises on the security aspect. It has SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, ISO/IEC 27001, and PCI-DSS which secures the data of its clients from any attack.

It is also very cost-effective and charges $5 per month for 1GB of memory, 1vCPU, 1TB transfer, and 25GB SSD. DigitalOcean also has a very professional customer support staff which is available 24/7 365 days. Digital Ocean also offers a free online course for those that are new to cloud hosting.

DigitalOcean is the perfect alternative for Linode if not the best. Both companies have their own special features and managed tools. DigitalOcean guarantees better Uptime as compared to Linode but with 11 Data Centers Linode boosts a broader global imprint as compared to the DigitalOcean. At the end of the day, they both offer very similar features and even the entry-level pricing plan of both companies costs $5. But for those who are searching for simple yet effective cloud hosting; DigitalOcean can be considered a good enough alternative to Linode.

7. ScaleWay

Scaleway is one of the best cloud alternatives for Linode services because of its high-tech infrastructure and economic prices. It is a European-based cloud computing and web hosting company that was first named Online SAS back in 1999 and in 2015 its name was changed to Scaleway.

It is a very renowned web hosting company and it provides high quality hosting with 5 Datacenters that are systematically placed to provide reliable high computing clouds to users worldwide. Currently, it provides cloud servers to 300,000+ people in 160 countries all around the world and it is headquartered in France.

The features provided by Scaleway are very impressive. It provides bare metal servers with SSD’s for fast responses and Scaleway actually first introduced bare metal servers in cloud hosting. Scaleway also features 200Mbit per second internet bandwidth, 1 gigabyte per second internal bandwidth, Virtual Instances, GPU, load balancer, managed database, Kubernetes, Block storage, object storage C14 storage, Multi-cloud, and Terraform.

For big enterprises, Scaleway offers ultra-fast premium networks that are more reliable and cost more but they are worth it since Scaleway also equips users with 100Gbit/sec internet bandwidth. Plus it has a unique AS12876 network which is the newest and the fastest network available in the market with 8Tbit/sec of capacity. It makes Scaleway a good option for those who are looking for servers that run at lightning speed.

Scaleway also offers flexible IP addresses and clear system resources which means that you can add or remove any feature at any time which is very helpful for beginners since they have to try most features to decide if they need them or not. Furthermore, Scaleway charges on an hourly basis and its hosting plans are cost-effective.

Moreover, Scaleway guarantee 99.9% uptime, and just like many companies Scaleway also uses cloud-based data backup which is a great and affordable way to keep its client’s data safe. Moreover, it also gives allow root access which can be very beneficial for developers and even regular users. Scaleway also offers quality technical support to assist its users 24/7 of the time. Their representatives are polite and professional since Scaleway gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction hence it does not compromise on Customer support quality.

Hence Scaleway can be a good alternative for Linode since it offers tons of high-quality features and is very user-friendly. Also, Scaleway is comparatively inexpensive as compared to Linode even when they both feature hourly billing. Hence Scaleway is definitely an alternative to Linode that is worth the investment.

8. CloudWays – Managed Linode Cloud Alternative

Cloudways is one of the most prestigious Managed cloud hosting providers that is very famous among engineers, web offices, E-commerce businesses, and web developers. It was founded in 2012 to make the cloud server more accessible and user-friendly for laymen. With advanced hardware and 15+ years of experience; Cloudways delivers high-performance computing environments to its clients. It also provides its users the option to deploy their servers from 59 different locations worldwide.

Cloudways features innovative managed tools and solutions i.e. free SSL, instant deployment of servers, fully managed WordPress Hosting, automatic backups, in-house CDN, top-notch security, SSH access, free migration, SFTP access, advanced auto-healing servers, and various open sources tools. The auto-healing servers of Cloudways have been the talk of the town because, as their name suggests, they restart and fix glitches on their own. The auto-healing servers have consistent Uptime since the servers can deal and fix most of the issues on their own without going down.

What makes CloudWays a strong Lindoe alternative is that all of its servers are backed by PHP 7.3 ready and SSD which makes them 3X faster. The advanced hardware and built-in server solutions make the servers run at a fast pace with little to no latency. Cloudways also features Built-in advanced-cache solutions and even a Full page Cache which gives the users one of the fastest hosting stacks in the market.

Cloudways even provides a customized cPanel for efficient management and regulation of servers. It aims to make cloud organization easy and quick for laymen. Furthermore, it supports strict security measures like bot protection, two-factor authentication, and managed Firewall solutions to protect the data and privacy of its customers.

The standard customer support of Cloudways is free and can be contacted through live chat and phone calls. Most users will find the standard customer support up to par with their needs. The paid support plans i.e. Advanced Support and Premium support plan come with premium options like private support channel and proactive monitoring etc. They are more suitable for big business firms and software houses.

Plus even if it offers a variety of advanced solutions; the plans of Cloudways are reasonably priced. The entry-level plan can be bought for $10 and comes with 1GB RAM, 1 core processor, 25 GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth. However, the most popular plan costs $42/ month. There are two more plans and the customers can choose the one that suits them.

Cloudways is a reputable managed cloud alternative to Linode, it provides lightning-fast cloud servers and a range of tools to assist its users. However, on the other hand, Linode is cost-effective as compared to Cloudways and has decent features. So again it all comes down to the need, preference, and budget of the user.

9. DreamHost

DreamHost was founded in 1996 to meet the needs of cloud hosting and web hosting. With more than 20 years of experience; it is one of the oldest cloud hosting providers. Today, it proudly hosts over 1.5 million websites and has a partnership with WordPress, Jetpack, Cloudflare, Openstack, and Retrospect, etc.

From 1997 to 2020, DreamHost’s customers have gone up to 400,000 in about 100 countries all over the world. It has won various awards over the years that are a testament to the quality of its service.

DreamHost equips its users with services like Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage, Advanced, Easy-to-Use Custom Control Panel, Free Privacy Protection, Automated Backups, Fast SSD Storage, Free SSL Certificate, and 100% Uptime Guarantee. Plus DreamHost also provides sturdy security features free of charge to keep sensitive information of their safe. It offers security features like auto-enabled SFTP, SSL, backups, and multi-factor authentication

The test runs have shown that the loading speed of a website running on DreamHost’s server is 648ms. Plus it claims to have 100% Uptime but on average it maintains 99.94% Uptime which is still great. However, if the downtime of the website goes below the promised uptime; the users are compensated through free service or credit.

Moreover, DreamHost is super easy to use and provides Pro tools that are; Custom Web Design Tools, SEO & Social Media Marketing Tools, Site Management, Site Optimization, Website Transfer Tools, Hacked Site Repair Tools, and Web Development Tools. It also provides WordPress hosting, high-end server, WP website builder, free domain, and email hosting to its users worldwide.

Furthermore, it claims to provide 24/7 technical customer support through the callback, live chat, and ticketing system. However, the “24/7” support is only functional during US business hours so the users do not always get immediate response.

The cheapest hosting plan for DreamHost costs only $4.50/monthly. DreamHost also gives the users option to be charged on both a monthly and yearly basis for all its services. The plans of DreamHost are reasonable if you consider all the high-end services and resources it is offering. Most importantly, it offers a 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee, which means the users, can get their money back within 97 days if they don’t like the services of DreamHost.

The features of DreamHost are pretty similar to Linode. However, DreamHost is quite cheaper as compared to Linode plans. Hence DreamHost is offering a bunch of quality services at a reasonable which makes it more appealing to some users. It is a budget-friendly alternative to Linode. But remember the customer support of DreamHost is lacking a little especially in comparison to Linode.

10. HostWinds

Hostwinds claims to be a “customer-centric” cloud hosting provider and believes in putting their customer first. It has been around for more than 10 years and was founded by Peter Holden to cater to the growing need of cloud users. The advanced products it offers and the commitment to user satisfaction have set Hostwinds apart from all its opponents. Also, it has received tons of awards for its user-friendliness and other services. Hostwinds has three data centers located in Dallas, Seattle, and Amsterdam.

It provides a wide range of products and services to its users including but not limited to free migration, SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, impressive Uptime, dedicated resources, custom IOS, 1 Gbps Ports, unlimited storage, regular backups, and firewall solutions. One thing to keep in mind is that every product and service of Hostwinds is designed while keeping in mind the users and their needs. After all, Hostwinds is not customer-centric for nothing.

The enterprise-grade hardware of Hostwinds enhances the uptime and reliability of the servers. It offers and maintains 99.9999% Uptime and that is why the servers of its users rarely go down. Hence Hostwinds delivers low latency servers with fast loading speed.

Plus, Hoswinds also takes all the necessary security measures to keep the data of the users safe. It offers free firewall and SSL protection. The advanced firewall solution monitors and scans all incoming and outgoing channels of servers and immediately takes necessary measures if a threat is deducted. Moreover, it also equips its users with a user-friendly control panel that allows the users to instantly deploy both servers and applications. The users can also use the control panel to overview the health of servers and billing.

As said earlier Hostwinds stresses customer friendliness and user satisfaction hence it comes as no surprise that it operates an efficient customer support system around the clock. It can be contacted through live chat, phone call, and ticketing system. The customer support representatives of Hostwinds are generally polite and usually respond within minutes.

Hostwinds offer different kinds of managed and unmanaged hostings and each one has a different price tag. The Unmanaged VPS Hosting is available for $4.4.9 whereas the Managed VPS Hosting is available for $5.17 after discount (original $10.99). The prices are reasonable considering all the features and free services.

Hostwinds can knock out Linode with its enterprise-grade firewall and cost-effective packages. It is a feasible option for those that are looking for a quality managed cloud provider on a budget.

11. Hostinger – Cheap Linode Alternative

Hostinger was founded back in 2004 under the name “Hosting media”; it changed its name to Hostinger in 2011 when it reached one million users. Since then it has come a long way and today it is handling 29 Million users all around the world.

Hostinger is known for providing low latency servers that are both stable and efficient. It claims that currently, it is handling 15k websites and 10k new users sign up with Hostinger every day. Moreover, it has data centers in 7 locations Worldwide i.e. Brazil, United States, Indonesia, Singapore, Lithuania, United Kingdom, and Netherland.

It equips its clients with a variety of services and free resources like unlimited bandwidth, free website builder, free domain, daily backups, unlimited email accounts, SSD storage, IPv6 support, web script, free SSL, and dedicated IPs. There are also MySQL, FTP, and PHP. Plus the users are also given full root access so that they can utilize resources as they please.

Most importantly, Hostinger offers 99.95% Uptime and users are compensated for downtime. It also claims that its servers are 30X times faster than all of its rivals. This means Hostinger provides high availability blazing fast servers. Plus all of its servers are backed by 100% SSD, 123 GB RAM, and the latest Xeon Processors that enhance the performance of infrastructure and empower Hostinger to deliver the speed and quality it claims.

Furthermore, Hostinger also is very easy to navigate. Users can deploy servers within minutes and launch their site with the help of its control panel. The control panel of Hostinger especially caters to the needs of beginners. Plus; it offers a secured infrastructure to its users so that they can work without worrying about hacking or other threats.

However, the customer support of Hostinger is lacking a little as it offers no phone or ticket support. The customer support can be contacted through the integrated intercom and live chat. A section of its site is also dedicated to short articles and guides to assist beginners.

The cheapest shared hosting package of Hostinger costs $0.99/month which makes it the most cost-effective cloud hosting in this list. It also offers a 30-day free trial to all of its new users.

Hostinger is way cheaper as compared to Linode since the entry-level plan of Linode costs $5/ month and all the services offered by Hostinger are also top-notch. However, Linode is definitely ahead of Hostinger in the customer support aspect. At the end of the day, both companies have their pros and cons and the best one for you is the one that suits your needs.

12. SiteGround – Expensive but Worth Your Money

SiteGround is a Bulgarian-based company that was established in 2014 by a group of university students and today it has expanded to employ more than 500 people. It offers a diverse set of features that make it a feasible option for both beginners and professionals. SiteGround gives a lot of importance to its customers and that is why it has a 99.7% customer Happiness rate. It also has a global network of data centers that are strategically placed across 4 continents to provide high availability servers to its users.

This hosting platform offers unmetered bandwidth, free emails, free CDN, daily backups, SSD storage, free WordPress site transfer, dedicated servers, website builder and 10 GB storage, etc. It also provides its users access to more than 50 applications that can be installed when required. Plus, SiteGround guarantees a whopping 99.99% Uptime and provides free resources to users for any downtime below the guaranteed 99.99%.

Plus, SiteGround boosts its premium in-house built products, tools, and managed solutions that are geared towards providing the customers with everything they need while working in a cloud environment. The fully managed solutions of SiteGround can launch websites, protect the infrastructure, and take over the maintenance of the servers too.

The loading time of websites launched on its servers is also impressive. The average loading time of this host is 673ms which is good enough. 100% SSD and the software solution offered by SiteGround enhance the speed and availability of the servers.

Moreover, it never compromises the security of its users. It has in-house built proprietary AI software that can block almost all attacks directed at the infrastructure. There is also a security team that scans and monitors the infrastructure regularly to detect any kinds of problems.

Furthermore, SiteGround has competent customer support staff. They can be contacted through a phone call, email, and live chat. The representatives are usually polite and well-informed. Hence the customer support of SiteGround is on par with market standards. Plus the packages of this cloud provider are also reasonable. Its start-up package can be bought for $6.99/month. It also has a 30-day money-back policy.

Linode and SiteGround both offer almost similar features. However, SiteGround has a wide range of in-house built tools that make it appealing but Linode is more cost-effective as compared to SiteGround.

13. HostGator

HostGator boosts to supports 8 million domains globally. HostGator is a highly scalable hosting provider that focuses on providing a stable and secured infrastructure. It is a suitable choice for both laymen and professionals. HostGator cloud plans prices are affordable so it can be used as a Linode alternative host for websites.

It’s headquartered in Houston and over the years it has proven itself an excellent Linux server provider. For its high-quality services and lightning-fast servers, it has been recognized by market critics and customers. HostGator has also received tons of awards for its top-notch quality services and tools.

It has a unique and diverse set of solutions and add-ons i.e. free SSL, SEO tools, free domain, one-click deployment of servers, unlimited storage, scalable resources, unlimited bandwidth, free emails, dedicated hosting, free migration, full root access, free technical customer support, and many other user-friendly tools. All of the tools offered by HostGator are easy to use and designed while keeping user-friendliness in mind.

Plus HostGators supports a wide variety of tools, programs, applications, and add-ons that can be installed with just one click. It also provides a free website builder that assists the users in building their own sites. HostGator also has templates and built-in themes that can prove to be useful in creating a site. These features make HostGator a very user-friendly cloud provider for beginners and those who do not want to spend a lot of time on decorating their infrastructure.

Also, HostGator supports SiteLock protection to keep its users safe against malicious attacks. Moreover, it provides fast loading time and excellent Uptime. Various tests done on HostGators have shown that a website running on its infrastructure has an average loading time of 691ms. Plus it promises 99.9% Uptime to users so the websites it supports are rarely ever down.

Most importantly the customer support of HostGator can be contacted 24/7 through live chat and call. It also has a knowledge base that consists of more than 680 articles and about 500 videos. Interestingly, the CEO of HostGator can also be contacted through tickets in case of any problem and he actually answers the tickets assigned to him.

The price of its cheapest plan is $2.75/ month which is very reasonable. It also has a 45-day money-back policy. Hence HostGator is cheaper than Linode but Linode has a better customer satisfaction rating. Overall HostGator is good enough to replace Linode.

14. UpCloud

It is a European based server provider that aims to provide a high availability computing environment to handle complex tasks and heavy traffic. UpCloud came into being in 2012 and since then it has been expanding and using the newest technology to provide classy infrastructure. It is considered to be one of the best European hosting providers because of its quality service.

UpCloud has data centers in 10 locations all over the world i.e. Madrid, Chicago, New York Amsterdam, Madrid, Frankfurt, San Jose, London, Singapore, and Helsinki. The data centers are strategically located in different parts of the world to improve the loading time of servers.

UpCloud offers tons of useful plug-ins and tools like server cloning, Infiniband networking, A1 security, floating IPs, 100% Uptime, IPv6 address, and an easy to use control panel. Also, it provides 2 months free migration period to those users who spend more than $500 overall.

Moreover, the servers of UpClouds are all backed by cutting edge hardware. It has a unique MaxIOPS block storage that UpCloud claims is faster than even SSD storage. MaxIOPS block storage is a new and advanced storage that helps the servers in delivering reliable and consistent performance. All of its servers have this storage and hence they are 2X faster than competition.

UpCloud also boldly claims to give 50X free credit to those users who face more than 5 minutes of downtime. Plus it guarantees 100% Uptime which means your website will ideally never be down but that is not possible hence it means it will be running most of the time. Hence UpCloud delivers reliable and fast loading servers with virtually little to no downtime.

Plus, it also features a custom control panel along with API that was designed to assist beginners by making organization easy. It can also be helpful for developers and businessmen so they can focus more on their work and less on handling infrastructure. The control panel gives users ready access to features like instant deployment and billing etc so the users can efficiently manage their clouds.

Furthermore, it also takes strict measures to ensure the data of its customers remains safe from attacks. It supports two-factor authentication along with HTML5 to protect the data of its users. Also, UpCloud has an enterprise-grade firewall that monitors and scans the traffic and infrastructure of each server and blocks the traffic if it detects a threat. When it comes to customer support UpCloud is lacking since there is no live chat support however it provides technical support through email and phone calls.

UpCloud’s cheapest hosting plan costs $5/month and it also gives a free trial to new users. The entry-level packages of Linode and UpCloud cost the same amount of money but the customer support of UpCloud is lacking in contrast to Linode. However UpCloud, on the other hand, is very easy to use and setup.

15. InterServer

Yet another cheap Linode alternative to deploy cloud servers in the United States. InterServer has been around for over 21 years and today it is one of the top cloud server providers in terms of quality. InterServer empowers 500 business firms and companies along with thousands of developers and freelancers. It is committed to providing inventive products, dedicated customer support, and premium security at an affordable rate. It has two data centers i.e. Los Angeles and Secaucus.

It offers a plethora of tools and services that include Unlimited E-mails, 2X faster servers, self-healing hardware, 99.9% Uptime, custom control panel, unlimited domain, Global Content Caching, unlimited storage, and remote backups. InterServer also provides free website migration and even a SitePad website builder so its users have no difficulty in building their dream site.

InterServer provides a diverse range of products and services that include unlimited domains, Global content caching, unlimited E-mail accounts, unlimited storage, 450+ Cloud applications, unlimited transfer, custom control panel, and even a SitePad Website Builder. It even offers free website migration to all of its users so new users have little to no problem in moving their sites.

It supports “self-healing hardware” which plays an important role in maintaining the Uptime of its servers. If the AI system of InterServer detects issues with hardware; it transfers website data to another node so the website remains accessible for people in general. This is how InterServer is able to maintain 99.9% Uptime.

Plus InterServer claims that its servers are 2X times faster than other cloud servers. That means InterServer is providing high availability, fast loading servers. Moreover, it also supports various security tools i.e. ModSecurity, Imunify360, and InterShield that keep its infrastructure and user server safe from attacks.

InterServer offers a control panel that was created to make the management of infrastructure easy for users. It also equips its users with advanced services like the latest version of Python, SSH, and Ruby, etc to appeal to developers and professionals. Also, it supports tons of optimization and recovery tools like LiteSpeed Caching and Cloudflare CDN, etc that optimizes the infrastructure and delivers optimum performance.

Moreover, it claims to offer around the clock 24/7 customer support that can be reached through email, phone call, and live chat. However, the users of InterServer often complain that the customer support of InterServer is not available 24/7 since most of the time they are unable to contact the support team.

The entry-level hosting package of InterServer can be bought for $6. It also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. InterServer is a good alternative to Linode however its customer support is not available 24/7.

16. ScalaHosting

ScalaHosting has been in business for more than 13 years but surprisingly it is still not as famous as some of the other cloud hosting providers on this list. It handles about 700,000 websites in more than 120 countries. Plus the managed VPS hosting of ScalaHosting is very popular among its users. It offers a stable infrastructure with advanced support and impressive Uptime. ScalaHosting aspires to provide its users with high quality in-house built products to provide unparalleled hosting services and powerful servers.

It equips its users with services and tools that include but are not limited to Free SSL, automatic backups, CMS, unlimited websites on almost all packages, dedicated IPs, and a user-friendly Spanel. ScalaHosting also provides free web site migration to its users and powerful in-house built security tools to protect the data of its clients.

ScalaHosting has built premium security software like SShield Security Guard that sets it apart from all other hosts. It monitors and scans the servers around the clock and can block 99.98% of malicious activities. If it is unable to block the attack; it analyzes the attack, collects data about it, and sends it in form of a report to the user so they can fix the issue.

Moreover, the Spanel and Control Management System (CMS) of ScalaHosting allows the user to manage the servers effectively. The Spanel gives the users of ScalaHosting convenient access to the resources, security features, and server stats easily. However, one downside of ScalaHosting is that it is still running its servers on HHD drives since it is still in the process of upgrading its drives completely. HHD drives are slower and can affect the speed of the server.

Its customer support of ScalaHosting can be contacted through tickets, email, live chat, and even phone. Its customer support representatives are known for being swift and helpful in their response. Last but not least, the cheapest package of ScalaHosting can be bought for $3.95/month. Also, it gives a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ScalaHosting is economical as compared to Linode. However, Linode supports 100% SSD storage and promises blazing fast servers. ScalaHosting, on the other hand, is still running its servers on HHD. Both cloud providers have their own strengths and weak points indeed and you should go for ScalaHosting if it falls within your budget. But overall Linode is still a better choice in my opinion.

Linode Alternatives for Enterprises and Large Projects

Before going with any of the below Linode competitors, you should have extensive experience managing cloud servers. As almost all companies charge a hefty amount for managed support services.

17. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Free Linode Alternative for 1 Year

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a rather new subsidiary of Amazon which aims to provide high-quality cloud computing environments and IPs to laymen, developers, and big business firms alike. Initially, it was just a project built by Amazon’s internal IT resource management which expanded over the years to become an advanced cloud server provider known as Amazon Web Service (AWS).

It was officially launched in 2006 and today it is the backbone of thousands of businesses in about 190 countries around the globe. Amazon Web Service (AWS) is dedicated to providing a comprehensive set of services and high availability servers. It also offers 77 server availability zones in different regions of the world and near future, it might acquire 9 more server zones.

Moreover, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a high computing hybrid infrastructure that delivers reliable and fast performing servers to its users at all times. The hybrid infrastructure and cutting edge hardware enables the servers to handle a large amount of traffic and complex tasks without going down.

It has optimizations tools, daily backups, hybrid solutions, efficient application integration, website transfer, premium security features, hybrid infrastructure, and blockchains. All of these tools are user-friendly and designed while keeping the ease of users in mind.

Plus, AWS also caters to its developer customers by offering up-to-date tools like AWS CodeStar, AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodeArtifact, and AWS CodeBuild, etc. All these products are built in-house so they are easy to integrate into AWS infrastructure.

Now AWS offers different customer support plans that are Developer Support Plan, Business Support Plan, and Enterprise Support Plan. The support for the Developer Plan is available only during business hours whereas the Business and Enterprise plan support offers 24/7 assistance. Each plan has its unique features and set of services; the customers can buy the plan that suits their needs.

The prices of the products offered by AWS are reasonable. Plus clients are only required to pay for the services they utilize. It also has a 12 months free trial policy so anyone can sign up with AWS today and explore it free of cost for 12 months.

While AWS has tons of in-house built products and tools; it can be too complex sometimes. Linode outshines AWS when it comes to server performance, simplicity of infrastructure and general user-friendliness. However, if AWS suits your needs you should go for it since the prices of products of AWS and Linode are almost similar.

18. Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a comparatively new “Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)” solution that will appeal to those who are accustomed to using Google services. It is a powerful cloud platform provider that can support both Windows and Linux. Plus, Google Cloud boosts high-end enterprise-grade infrastructure that even has conquered the sea since it has ten undersea cables that connect Asia to Australia, the US mainland, and Japan. It has a global infrastructure that stretches across 24 cloud regions, 73 zones, and 200+ countries. It aims to provide high-quality cloud services to people in all parts of the world.

It offers a premium set of tools and solutions like CDN, Open source database, Google Kubernetes, robust security, Cloud Inference, database migration tools, and tons of Artificial intelligence (AI) products. Google Cloud backs all of its servers with top-notch hardware and in-house built solutions that help them deliver solid performance with lower latency.

Google Cloud is committed to modernizing the infrastructure. It runs its cloud infrastructure on the same reliable network on which Google products like YouTube and Gmail are run by billions of people every day. Plus the infrastructure of Google Cloud allows the users to run workloads like SAP, Windows, and VMware smoothly.

Moreover, it also provides tons of innovative database and management tools to assists the users with organizing and migrating their data very easily so that they can focus on what actually matters. The security of Google Cloud is also praiseworthy. It provides application and infrastructure protection with its Web App and API Protection (WAAP) tool. It can block and protect the application against all possible threats and hacking attacks.

The basic customer support package of Google Cloud is free. However, for a meager sum of money, the premium customer support of Google Cloud can be bought. It gives the users one on one access to technical staff, cloud support API, and operational health review, etc. However, one downside of Google Cloud is that its free customer support does not have a favorable image since most users have reported it to be pathetic.

Plus considering its reputation and some other facts, the products of Google Cloud are not exactly very cost-effective. However, it does offer $300 free credit and 20+ free products to new users. Google Cloud also gives the users option to pay as they utilize services and assets.

Google Cloud is certainly a worth mentioning Linode competitor. However, Linode is more reliable, reasonably priced, and customer-centered as compared to Google Cloud which is lacking in the customer support aspect.

19. Microsoft Azure Cloud

It is commonly known as just “Azure” since Microsoft Azure Cloud is too long. It is a cloud service provider created by Microsoft to conquer the world of cloud servers and providing unparalleled hosting services to users all over the world. Azure was initially called “Project Red Dog” later it changed its name to “Windows Azure” and finally it came to be known as “Microsoft Azure Cloud”. It provides a high computing cloud environment to its users worldwide to cater to the growing need for cloud hosting.

Moreover, it acts as a Software as a service (SaaS) platform, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and Platform as a service (PaaS). Microsoft Azure Cloud also allows the user to effectively integrate programming languages, scripts, tools, and frameworks in its servers. It always keeps the ease of use in mind hence for user convenience it provides multiple access points to log into the infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure Cloud equips its users with a variety of different solutions and products i.e. effective security, site recovery, regular backups, 100% Uptime, block chain, Microsoft Azure Portal, block chain, and managed database. Most importantly it is compatible with multiple OS other than Windows even though it is a Microsoft subsidiary.

Plus Azure also features tons of professional tools like SDKs and Video Studio Codespaces etc. Its infrastructure is designed to handle complex tools and applications. These features are especially very attractive for developers who have to work with coding languages and develop different kinds of programs. Furthermore, Microsoft Azure Cloud takes the security of its users seriously; that is why it spends 1 Billion US dollars to keep its security plan up-to-date. It has a team of 3,500 security experts that are busy working to keep the infrastructure of Azure safe.

Azure offers different kinds of customer support plans for developers, businessmen, and enterprises so customers can choose the plan they want to go with. There is also a detailed knowledge base present on the site dedicated to assisting beginners. However, Microsoft Azure Cloud does not offer any kind of support free of cost. The entry-level plan of Azure costs $5/month. It also gives a 12 month free trial and free credit of $200 to all of its new users to try out products of Azure.

Linode and Microsoft Azure Cloud both are quality Cloud hosting providers. Microsoft might appeal to those who are familiar with Microsoft and its products but if we consider performance Linode is better.


Atlantic is one of the biggest web hosting service providers of all ranges. It was established in 1994 and had its server farms in cities like New York, London, Toronto, and in many more places. This hosting company is famous worldwide and it focuses on making complex technologies very simple for the users. This company has also received several awards from world-renowned platforms. Plus it has partnerships with popular software like Microsoft, Intel, Gartner, and Inc500. Atlantic boosts global presence with 7 data centers that are scattered all over the world. It even has plans to open more data centers soon.

It supports Intel E5 processors, DNS manager, two-factor authentication, 40 Gbit Network, custom control panel, IPv6 support, and instant deployment of servers and applications. also guarantees 100% uptime which means that the websites of its clients will rarely be down. Hence due to its consistent Uptime maintenance; over 15000 businessmen trust with their businesses. Plus all of its servers are backed by 100% SSD storage that results in low-latency but fast loading cloud servers.

Moreover, it also equips its users with website moderators that monitor the servers of its users 24/7. It even features several certifications from brands like SOC 2 and HITECH. Moreover, provides the best infrastructure and API automation

Also, prioritizes the security and safety of its users. The infrastructure of its servers is inspected every day to ensure that the sensitive information of its users remains safe. It also offers redundant backups and managed Firewall solutions to protect its infrastructure against hackers and other threats. . This hosting provider has also complied with policies of HIPPA, SAE18, and PCI.

The customer care support of is available 24/7. It can be contacted through email, live chat, and phone call. The representatives of are trained to handle even the most technical issues to assist the users in every way possible.

Furthermore, it is also a budget-friendly host. The price of each type of hosting offered by is different. The VPS hosting starts at $8 per month for Linux and $14.5 per month for Windows. It also allows the user to customize the hosting plans as per their needs. Currently, Atlantic is also providing free trials for a whole month so those who are new to can sign up and try its services for free.

Linode is cheaper and has more features as compared to However, the advanced security and premium customer support of make it a very appealing option for many. At the end of the day, it is about individual needs, preferences, and budget. If you can afford it and you want advanced security; you should sign up with

Our Top Linode Alternative Recommendations

Kamatera – Overall Best Choice

Vultr – Affordable Choice

CloudSigma – Also Good for Cheap Servers

InMotionHosting Cloud VPS – Best Choice for 24/7 Customer Support

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Remember every Linode alternative comes with advantages and a few downsides so choose wisely and go with the one that covers all of your needs and taste. If you are thinking of moving from Linode to some other cloud provider; try to go for those that offer free migration and offer the features you actually would need.

If you are a developer go for that host that offers developer support and tools and if you are on a tight budget go for the cost-effective options mentioned in this list.

I hope this roundup proves to be helpful to you in some way and assists you in decision making.

Now you are familiar with almost all reliable Linode alternatives. So you should be able to decide if you want to go for Linode or some other alternative host.